InnaSCo symposium II

2019, May 15-16

For historical reasons our first symposium, held in 2018, consisted of attendees from teams solely from the CRCL and CIRI. 

Echos of the success of this first symposium led to several requests to open the registration to other teams and institutes at the national level. To accommodate the increased interest, in May this year the 2nd InnaSCo symposium was held at the Charles Mérieux conference center, ENS, Lyon France. The meeting was financially supported by public and private sponsors (listed below).  This time, the 142 attendees included national and European researchers increasing the geographical visibility of the InnaSCo ideology.

The keynote lecture was given by Nicolas Manel from the Curie Institute (Paris, France), who gave a wonderful presentation and shared recently published and unpublished data generated from his lab.  We were also graced by the presence and presentations of leading scientists in the field of innate sensing such as Fabio Martinon (Switzerland), François Ghiringhelli (Dijon, France), Laurent Boyer (Nice, France) and Etienne Meunier (Toulouse, France). Our five scientific sessions, were chaired mainly by InnaSCo members, covered a large spectrum of biological areas and diseases (infection, cancer, auto-inflammatory diseases) all centered around innate sensors. Ending the first day was the poster teaser session, which was fun and skillfully orchestrated by Thomas Henry (CIRI, Lyon). This led to a dynamic poster session and over all, all the attendees praised the excellent work and level this 2ndsymposium presented/manifested. We closed symposium with an award ceromony, thanks to the generosity of the cancéropole CLARA, the Fondation ARC and InnaSCo, Clara Taffoni was awarded for the best poster presentation, Elif Eren and Baptiste Guey for best oral presentation respectively. Finally, the outcome of the InnaSCo symposium was extremely positive, and participants look forward to see InnaSCo heading a session at the IRCI2 meeting in 2020 (@InnaSCo1) and  the 3rd symposium in 2021.

Thanks to all the presenters for the interesting talks!

1 slide, 1 minute
in the plenary session to attract people to their posters!
Congratulations to all the presenters for the very fun and nice teasers!

Clara Taffoni (Best Poster) with Arnaud Cutivet (CLARA) 
Elif Eren (Best Talk)
Baptiste Guey (Best talk)

Invited speakers

We would like to thanks our invited speakers for their excellent talks and ideas!


Nicolas Manel


Fabio Martinon

Stress pathways promoting innate immune responses

Etienne Meunier

Topyroptose or not to pyroptose: Neutrophils raise the question

Laurent Boyer

Molecular mechanism of the anti-virulence innate immune response triggered by the Rho GTPases activating toxin CNF1

François Ghiringhelli

Targeting transcriptionnalfunctions of the NLRP3 protein to promote antitumouralT helper function


The different sessions, chaired by the indicated scientists, covered a large spectrum of biological areas around the study/use of innate sensors. 

Biology of innate sensors
Christophe Caux
Virginie Petrilli

Innate sensing in auto-inflammatory diseases
Pablo Riquelme
Ommar Omarjee

Innate sensing in infection
Julie Lucifora
Marlène Dreux

Innate sensing in cancer
Nathalie Bendriss-Vermare
Marie-Cécile Michallet

Original tools and models
Uzma Hasan
Thomas Henry


Photographers: Julie Lucifora and Pierre Chaumont